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Controlling Program Flow – Conditional Instructions

A quick look to some common and hidden conditional operators...
In order to control the flow of your program, C# offers a set of several operators in order to test conditions. In following articles we will see how to act based on this conditions to execute a set of code against other, or, loop for a certain number of times through the a block of code. Read more

Empty statement in C#

Curiosities of the C# programming language...
While studying for the C# certification test number 70-483 I was shocked that in C# it is possible to write an empty statement. Perhaps you might think that this is a simple non-important thing. ALLOW ME TO DISAGREE ... during a certification exam you might feel a little bit over confident with your knowledge and overlook the little and small details. So, if you look a question that includes the following code you might believe in a classical Akbarian way that this "It's a trap!" Read more

C# virtual methods

Mestering the art of object oriented programming...
Ah! and yet again we find ourselves in the deep rabbit hole of Object Oriented Programming. In this particular instance I will discuss a bit on the mysteries of polymorphism and in particular virtual method. Interestingly enough, in order to explain Virtual Methods I have to explain to you what a NON VIRTUAL method is … cope with me for a while, I will explain rather quickly. Read more